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Terms & Conditions

1. About Us:

Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing is a trading name of Chatsbrook Finance Limited Registered in England and Wales 10320904, and our registered office is Ketteringham Hall, Church Road, Ketteringham, NR18 9RS. Chatsbrook Finance Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, our FCA registration number is 803820 which can be verified by viewing the Financial Services Register at

The terms and conditions stated need to be read in conjunction with any order you accept from us. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. Please remember that throughout these terms and conditions when we mention "we", "us" or "our", we mean Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing. When we refer to "you" we mean the customer.

2. Our Services:

We offer our services to you which include:

·       Arranging finance with a funder for you after you have agreed the cost and funders charges (or the basis of such costs if they cannot be determined in advance)

·       Preparing and witnessing appropriate loan documentation on behalf of the funder

We are a credit broker and not a lender. We are not linked to any of our lending panel members. We recognise it is important for customers to be able to shop around for credit and alternative sources of credit.

Some of the services that we provide are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You will be advised in advance of any such proposal or service.

3. Pricing:

Unless otherwise specified the finance, companies hire charges published on this site include:

Delivery of your vehicle by the supplying vehicle dealer to your chosen UK mainland delivery address. As a standard, vehicles will be driven to your chosen delivery address, unless you specifically request that your vehicle is delivered by trailer or transporter. If you do additional delivery charges will apply.

  • Number plates

  • Road Tax (otherwise known as Vehicle Excise Duty or ‘VED’) for the duration of your finance agreement with the funding company. (If the cost of Road Tax increases during the original or any extended term of your finance agreement, you will have to pay the funding company for the increased cost; and

  • Vehicle registration charge

VAT prices quoted on our website (a) include VAT for personal financing; and (b) exclude VAT for business financing.

The applicable rate of VAT for our fees and the funding companies’ hire charges shall be the prevailing rate of VAT from time to time. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of confirmation of your vehicle order and the date of delivery the vehicle to you, the hire charges will be amended to reflect the revised rate of VAT 

The prices displayed on our website or in any other form of general marketing or correspondence are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer by us, or any funding company, which is capable of being accepted by you. 

We use a number of industry leading vehicle funding companies for both personal and business vehicle finance. The prices displayed on our website are an amalgamation of the best available rates at a given time for a specific vehicle, contract duration and mileage combination. Each price advertised is unique to an individual vehicle funding company and therefore may only be available from that funding company.

We look to always display accurate pricing, but due to our reliance on third party data it is possible that despite our reasonable endeavours some of the vehicles listed on our website may be priced incorrectly. If an error is identified relating to an order, we will contact you to inform you of the error and give you the option of continuing with your order at the corrected price, or to cancel your order. If we are unable to contact you via the contact details you have provided to us, we will cancel the order and confirm this in writing, using the contact details that you have provided to us.

Please note that the funding companies reserve the right to change their hire charges either before or after an order has been placed, where the price change is as a result of circumstances outside of their control, examples being manufacturer/ dealer price changes, price changes due to a change in government legislation and changes to the vehicle funding company’s own interest rates or the value they predict the vehicle will have at the end of the finance agreement. 

4. Finance Quotations:

The prices which we display here and elsewhere are for information purposes only. They are neither quotations nor an offer of finance. If you would like a quotation you can request one from us, or you can request multiple quotations.

After you enquire about a vehicle, we aim to provide you with a quotation within 1 business day of your request. Unless otherwise stated, any quotation which we issue to you is valid for up to 14 days from the date specified on the quote.  As with our pricing, any quotation is not an offer of finance. If you wish to proceed with a quotation you must do so within its stated validity period. We cannot process any request for finance by you based on a particular quotation if your request is outside the validity period for the quotation.

Our panel of funding panel companies have different acceptance criteria, and you acknowledge that being accepted for credit by one funder doesn't mean you will be accepted for credit by any other funder.

If you fail for any reason to be accepted for finance by one of our funding companies, we will discuss with you prior to applying for finance on your behalf from a different company on our funding panel. Any application for finance from an additional funding company may result in an additional footprint on your credit file.

We are reliant on you providing accurate information to us. Any inaccuracies in the information you provide may impact the suitability of a quotation. We will not be liable to you for any matter or thing, which arises from any error or omission in the information that you provide to us.

Our funding companies have their own terms and conditions upon which they provide finance. These terms and conditions are in and form part of the finance agreement between you and the funding company.

5. Orders:

An order does not create a contract between you and Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing to purchase, hire or lease a vehicle. For there to be a contract between you and Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing to purchase, hire or lease a vehicle, Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing must locate a vehicle matching the specification you require, at a price agreed between you and Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing. You must enter into a finance agreement with a finance company. For the avoidance of any doubt, there is no contract to purchase, hire or lease a vehicle between you and Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing until the finance agreement is signed by you and the finance company and it becomes executed/operational.

In the unlikely event that the vehicle you have ordered is not available or the funder makes a change to the rental, Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing will contact you by email or telephone to confirm with you whether you wish to proceed with your order or to provide you with possible alternatives. If the alternative is not acceptable by you, Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing will cancel your order without penalty and refund any monies paid.

Following an accepted order, we will carry out a credit check on you as part of your application process. If you are applying on behalf of a limited company, you are confirming you have authority to authorize a credit search in the name of the Company and each Director.

For cancelled orders, customers are entitled to a refund of any processing fee. The refund will be issued to private individuals, sole traders and partnerships who have not entered into an agreement within six months of an introduction. The law applies equally to both personal and business customers, unless they are limited companies or limited liability partnerships. Refunds will be issued within 30 calendar days from the day on which Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing receives the notification of cancellation.

Depending upon circumstances, such as a change in business requirements, limited companies and limited liability partnerships will not be entitled to a refund but may be eligible for a credit note against future orders up to a maximum of six months from the point of cancellation. Customers should contact Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing in the first instance to discuss their case as this is judged on a case-by-case basis. 

6. Delivery/Registration:

Upon receipt of a correctly completed and signed finance agreement; payment of any deposit, and if applicable payment of any balance of monies Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing will arrange delivery of the vehicle to your chosen UK mainland destination.

Please note that the monthly rental/lease price includes the cost of driving the vehicle to your specified address, provided your address is situated on the UK mainland. Certain delivery locations may incur an additional delivery charge and we reserve the right to recover this charge from you. However, we will advise you if there is an additional delivery charge prior to you completing the finance documentation.

Quoted delivery "lead times" represents our “best estimate” based on information provided by our brand supplier and do not constitute an obligation to supply the vehicle in the time specified. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that delivery dates are as accurate as possible, delivery dates are subject to change by the manufacturer and on occasion delays do occur due to production issues. Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing will keep you informed of any known changes to your vehicle’s delivery date to allow you to make any necessary arrangements as a consequence. Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing has no control or influence over manufacturer lead times and will not accept any responsibility for any losses or inconvenience caused because of a delay from the manufacturer.

Please note that the statutory cooling off period observed by finance companies applies to all vehicles, and vehicles will not be delivered until the ’cooling off’ period has expired.

7. Insurance:

Proof of insurance is required before delivery can take place. Please note that the hirer obtaining finance must be the main policy holder or a named driver on the insurance certificate. 

8. Excess Mileage:

Certain finance agreements have an excess mileage charge. This is expressed as PPM (pence per mile) and is charged when your vehicle exceeds the agreed mileage over the total contract term. Some contracts allow you to travel over your agreed mileage amount only charging you the PPM amount stated on your order form, however other contracts will only allow you to travel up to a pre-determined amount before a higher excess mileage charge is applied. Please refer to your contract for full details on excess mileage charges and how this cost may affect you. Some contracts can be rescheduled (during the contract) for a higher mileage which can work out cheaper than paying the excess mileage rate. 

9. Fair Wear and Tear:

Damage charges may be charged by the funder at the end of the contract if the vehicle has damage which is outside of the funders Fair Wear & Tear guide. A copy of the Fair Wear & Tear guide can be obtained on request from the appropriate funder or from Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing.

Upon entering into a contract agreement, you are responsible for the running of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. This includes keeping the vehicle properly serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service schedule by an agent approved by the finance company.

For pre-registered vehicles sold with the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty, an MOT will be required (at customers cost) 3 years from published taxation point, in line with UK law. If a vehicle is pre-registered, you will be entitled to the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance cover.

In the event that the warranty expires within the contract hire period, you will be liable for any repairs or breakdown costs, unless a maintenance package is purchased as part of the contract, in which case repair costs may be covered subject to the maintenance terms and conditions. 

10. Our Remuneration:

We are a commission and fee-based organisation which means that we may receive a payment(s) or other benefits from finance providers should you decide to enter into an agreement with them. These fees may be variable or pre-set dependent on the product and the volume that we place with the chosen supplier. You are entitled, at any time, to request information regarding any payment which we may have received as a result of placing your finance with a funder.

Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing charge an administration fee of £150 Plus VAT (£180) for the supply of vehicles which includes contract hire agreements and vehicle purchases which are transacted through Chatsbrook Finance Ltd. This shall be payable at the point of the vehicle order prior to completion. Payment of the administration fee can be made by BACs transfer, cheque or credit card.

11. Statutory Rights:

Nothing in these conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

12. Treating you Fairly:

We always aim to treat you fairly. This means that we will always endeavour to:

  • Conduct our business with due skil, care and integrity

  • Never put ourselves in a position where our primary duty to you is compromised

  • Deal with any complaint sympathetically and independently of the colleague to whom the complaint is directed

  • Be transparent in the matter of our remuneration

  • Respect your confidentiality 

13. Client Responsibilities:

The Client agrees to act with utmost good faith in the provision of information to Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing. The duty is continuous and applies to all the information the Client provides, whether requested or whether the Client has provided it voluntarily. The Client agrees not to withhold information from Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing.

The Client agrees to take all reasonable steps and use all reasonable endeavours to comply with and satisfy any condition imposed by the Lender who has made a Finance Offer that accords with the requirements set out in the Confirmation of Instructions letter.

14. Professional Indemnity:

Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing shall maintain professional indemnity insurance cover in respect of its business with and on standard terms offered by reputable insurers.

15. General Data Protection Regulation:

During the process of a business transaction we shall need to collect personal information from you and this will be passed on to one or more third party lenders to enable them to make a credit decision. We will also need to pass personal data to asset, insurance and maintenance suppliers following acceptance of finance and your order and within our company for reporting purposes. We will not disclose your personal details outside of this unless we have your express permission. For full details please click here to view our Privacy Policy.

16. Complaints:

Our Customers are extremely important to us and whilst we aim to provide a trouble free and excellent level of service, we know that sometimes things go wrong. If you have cause to complain, we take any complaint very seriously and promise to deal with it promptly, effectively and in a positive manner.

A complaint may be made to any member of our staff who will record the following details on our Customer Complaint Record, and send you a copy of our full complaints procedure which may also be found on our website

17. Agreement:

Through business engagement with Chatsbrook Vehicle Leasing you are agreeing that you have read and understand these terms. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.