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What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

A Personal Contract Hire agreement is a popular long-term arrangement that enables an individual to lease a car or a van typically between 18-60 months without having to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract. PCH offers a hassle-free way of obtaining brand new vehicles at the fraction of the cost in comparison to buying outright. This type of arrangement allows the individual to choose their vehicle, spec, annual mileage and make fixed, monthly payments over the agreed contract term. When the contract ends, the individual simply hands the vehicle back to the finance company. 


Additional Information:

Annual Mileage Limit- This limit is agreed at the beginning of the contract, but if you think you’ll go over you can add on additional mileage with us.

You will not have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end like a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement.

You can choose to add on a maintenance package to include your vehicle maintenance costs and service expenditure including brakes and tyres, reducing any of those unexpected costs.

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